Pioneer in Portugal

Founded in 1990, SILACO is specialized in the production and commercialization of: shale, pebbles, gravel and rocks, as well as in natural stone flooring and coverings.

Betting on growth and innovation, in 2010 SILACO acquired a Black Shale Quarry in Foz Côa.

We work together with various companies, landscape architects and builders in order to customize and carry out your projects. In our company you will find a wide range of products.

All our pebbles are chosen by hand.


SILACO has a quarry measuring almost  120.000 m2 in Foz Côa, from where we extract most of our shale products. We also have a production plant located in Ourém, where the stone is treated and prepared until it is formed into the final product.

Mission, Vision, Values

Innovation: We wish to stay up to date and respond to demands found every day, so we aim to constantly analyse internal and external situations, seeking innovation for our processes and products.

Diversity: We are aware of the different niches currently in the market and keeping our range of products up to date is essential.

Quality: Our customers’ demands are always first and foremost. The quality of our products is a value which we don’t want to lose. We believe this guideline is crucial for our customers’ total satisfaction.

Environment: Acknowledging the effects of our company’s actions on conserving the environment and biodiversity can never be forgotten.

  • Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Quality
  • Environment